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Brown Takes Care

Brown Takes Care

During this global pandemic, Brown Takes Care is a community effort that calls on each of us to embrace behaviors that support healthy ways of working, socializing and living. Add your voice.


Brown is fortunate to have a strong community that believes deeply in caring for one another. From the earliest signs of COVID-19 on campus last spring, students, faculty and staff at Brown have joined together in countless ways that reflect our values of conscience and caring to keep Brown and the families in our surrounding communities healthy and safe.

Based on these values, Brown Takes Care is a campus-wide prevention and education initiative coupled with a public health campaign to support the well-being of all those who work, study and live at Brown.

Whether it's wearing a face covering on campus, maintaining 6 feet of distance while in line for food or mail, or getting vaccinated when eligible, we know that it will take each and every one of us exercising personal responsibility to confront COVID-19 and help Brown get to a place where we can be together safely in the months to come. 

Brown Takes Care is designed as an inclusive and iterative community effort that directly engages students, faculty and staff as storytellers and influencers to promote the health practices that are essential. It brings together social media, video, web communications, training modules, community activities, student activity kits, signage and more, as well as a range of flexible templates and digital assets that Brown community members can use to bring the campaign to their cultural and identity groups, schools and departments, student organizations and sports teams, and social groups.

Downloadable resources are available for any Brown community member who wants to use their voice and join the effort

“Every action helps.”

Maria Guerrero Martinez, Class of 2021, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Every action that we do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 helps. Whether that's socially distancing from your friends, or wearing your mask or waiting a few months to hug your best friend — all of that helps stop the spread. All of that helps keep each other safe, and all of that helps Providence stay safe.

“We have a duty.”

Emmanuel Greenberg, Graduate student in public health, BWell Coordinator

As students at Brown, we have a duty to the city of Providence and the residents here to help keep them safe as well. We come from all over the world, and it's important for us to keep in mind that we're going to be interacting with people outside of the campus. There are vulnerable people all over the City of Providence.

“Why I wear a mask.”

Alexis Jackson, Class of 2021, Public Health and Slavic Studies

I wear a mask to protect the most marginalized in my community. What I care about are those who are disabled, those who are immunocompromised, children, the elderly. To respect CDC guidelines, to be responsible, to take care of myself, is the best way that I can help take care of others.

Created by you and me

Brown Takes Care is uniquely Brown, having been created by students and staff working in close collaboration to root it firmly in the University culture of care for one another. Brown Takes Care is designed to be easily adapted by on- and off-campus individuals and groups to evolve over time as new health guidance emerges. And it is a resource and a guide for amplifying best practices in individual ways that have meaning for each of us. Through the campaign, you are encouraged to share messages of prevention, tell your “Why I Care” and "Why I Vaccinate" stories, and reveal how you “Show Care by Doing” (wearing a mask, social distancing, cleaning, contact tracing, receiving the vaccine when eligible, etc.).

The Brown Takes Care initiative is aligned and integrated with a holistic education and prevention effort across the University that includes:


Share messages of prevention

Keeping ourselves and those around us healthy means following all the public health guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State of Rhode Island and Brown University. Visit the Why I Care page to find language and digital tools to help you promote healthy behaviors:

Be Vaccine ready

Be vaccine ready.

Wash Your hands

Wash your hands.

Wear Your mask

Wear your mask.

Make some space

Make some space.

Wipe it down

Wipe it down.

Respect the Quiet Period.

Stay in if you’re unwell.

Live local

Live local.

Get your test

Get your test.

Track your contacts

Track your contacts.

Stay in if you’re unwell

Respect Quiet Period.

Protect your pod

Protect your pod.

Use your voice

Use your voice.

In the era of COVID-19, it takes all of us working together to promote healthy behaviors for the sake of the people around us. We hope you’ll join the Brown Takes Care effort.


Contact with questions and ideas for promoting a healthy Brown.

The Brown Takes Care prevention and education initiative is a critical component of the University’s plan for a safe and Healthy Brown.