Healthy Brown
Brown Takes Care

Why I Care

Your story helps others know that caring is a shared value and helps educate others about how to find connection in these uncertain times.

The Brown community relies on the choices that its students, faculty and staff make each day — to respect the Quiet Period and quarantine, avoid in-person gatherings, and have respectful conversations with one another about how to navigate campus life in new and safe ways. In doing so, we also have the power to increase the likelihood of being able to do more together in person in the future.


We know that members of our community are going to be deeply impacted if they get sick, so we have a responsibility to protect them and to show up and respect boundaries that are set.

– Kayla Thompson, Class of 2021, Public Health

Operating within a pod has helped me feel more connected to my communities. I feel less isolated because I do have a few people that I see regularly and we're in constant conversation about how we're keeping ourselves healthy and what we're doing for each other to keep each other safe.

– Alexis Jackson, Class of 2021, Public Health and Slavic Studies


Tell your story: Why I Care

Whose health do I want to protect? Why do I care about a healthy Brown? Why is it important to protect my neighbors in Providence? How do I create connection and community at a distance? 

Share your personal reasons for following public health guidelines in the age of COVID-19. Use #WhyICare🐻 on social media to tell the community who you wear a mask for, how you find ways to socialize virtually, and why it matters to you. Using your voice to tell your story is one of the most motivating ways you can call others to action and encourage them to speak up, too.


My message for my fellow Brown students would be to make these sacrifices so that we can all come back sooner and so that we can all go back out into the world sooner. We all have to pull together. So stay inside. Wear a mask.

– Kathleen Kuesters,  Graduate Student in Epidemiology

Show care by doing: Why I Care

How do I keep my distance on campus and in shared spaces? How do I have conversations about the level of risk that I want to take with individuals in my pod? How do I wear a mask to be sure it covers my nose and mouth?

Explaining to others how you practice healthy behaviors helps keep the Brown community safe. Practical tips that show how you are navigating life on campus in the pandemic reinforces the fact that we’re all in this together. Use #WhyICare🐻 on social media to show your care for peers, mentors, essential workers and the people of Providence and their friends and families. Follow health guidance and celebrate others who do the same.

I wear a mask and put on hand sanitizer and socially distance for my fellow community members, especially those who are more vulnerable to this virus. Professors, people who are immunocompromised — I do this for the Brown community.

– Emmanuel Greenberg, Graduate Student in Public Health



Contact [email protected] with questions, feedback, and ideas for promoting a healthy Brown.

The Brown Takes Care prevention and education initiative is a critical component of the University’s plan for a safe and Healthy Brown.